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75th Birthday Invitations - 75th birthday celebrations are special in their own right. Not only is it significant from the perspective of it being an important milestone, "75" on its own just sounds special. (Then again - maybe it's the 'three-quarters of a century' aspect). Here are some suggestions for planning a memorable 75th birthday party.

It's all about the person turning 75:

Seems obvious, doesn't it? But often when planning a party we think about what we want the party to be - not what the guest of honor would want it to be. If it is not a surprise party ask the celebrant himself or herself what their ideal party would be (who would be invited, what refreshments would they like served, is there certain music they want to be played, etc.) If it is a surprise party then think about the person's hobbies, profession and interests. If something stands out for you - you could easily build the party around that.

For example - my friend's father was a pharmacist for nearly 40 years. When she threw him a 75th birthday party she sent out 'pill shaped' invitations. And as a party favor she gave out 'chocolate aspirin' that were in cellophane bags with personalized ribbon (it was imprinted with "Happy 75th Birthday, Bob") tied around it. Guests loved it - as did her father.

A Toast to the Guest of Honor:

Whether you toast with champagne, wine or a non-alcoholic drink - a toast is always appropriate and appreciated. Make sure you ask the 'toaster' well ahead of time to perform this honor. They'll be honored that you asked them to make the toast but they will want some time to think about what they will say.

Thank the guests for coming:

Seems obvious, and such a little thing, but it makes a world of difference. Keep your eyes open as your guests start to leave so that you can reach them before they leave. You'll want to make sure you thank each guest (or couple) personally for coming. Everyone likes to be appreciated and this small gesture will go a long way. In addition to saying 'thank you' to each guest, it's also nice to send them home with a small party favor. It can be something practical, edible, or just for fun. Whatever you decide a favor is an additional way to show your guest that you appreciated that they came.

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