Cowgirl Birthday Invitations


Pink Cowgirl Birthday Invitations

Make the Wild West come alive with a cowboy/cowgirl birthday party. Let your birthday boy or girl have some rollicking good fun. Have guests dress in western attire so they can join in the fun.


Make in the shape of a Wanted Poster. Use beige construction paper with black marker for the word WANTED. Put a picture of the birthday boy or girls name on the invitation. It will read: YOU ARE WANTED AT THE PARTY OF ...
Include the date and time of the party, your address, and R.S.V.P. and your phone number.


Use a red and white checked table cloth on a picnic table. Decorate back yard with several bales of hay. Use bandanas as napkins. Large plastic horses would work nicely as centerpieces for the table. Drape Mexican blankets over saw horses and set out a few potted cactus plants.


To make an authentic cowboy party it is best if you can have a campfire. If not, use an outdoor grill. You can grill hot dogs and heat up baked beans. Round out dinner with some potato chips and bottled root beer. For dessert, let kids roast marshmallows over the fire if the children are older, or let adults do it if the kids are little. Now you can create delicious s'mores.


Stick Horse Rodeo

Give all of the cowpokes a stick horse. Set up a hay bale obstacle course for the rodeo. Each cowpoke takes turns riding their stick horse through the obstacle course. The one who finishes in the shortest amount of time is a winner.

Horseshoe Toss

Buy some plastic horseshoes to use in a contest of skill. Set several stakes in the ground. Place each stake a little further from the starting line. Have the cowpokes stand behind the line and see who can toss their horseshoe around the pin. The one who gets their horseshoe closest to the stake wins.

Musical Horses

Have each child mount their stick horse. Place round disks in a circle on the ground. Make sure there is one less disk than there are children. Play some music. When you turn the music off, each child must stand on a disk. The child without a disk must sit out. Repeat this pattern until only one child is left standing.

Tin Can Target Practice

Place some empty tin cans on a fence post or picnic table. Have the children use squirt guns to knock over the tin cans.


Use red and blue colored bandanas to tie up some party favors. Inside each bandana you could include: toy squirt guns, plastic cowboys and Indians, silver badges, and licorice ropes.

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