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Custom Birthday Invitations - Aside from a wedding invitation, a birthday invitation is the best way to inform loved ones that you are going to celebrate another milestone in your life. But there are some birthdays more special than others. For adults, these are milestones that impact the passage of time; such as the 30th, 40th, and 50th birthdays or even a 100th birthday! These are reasons to celebrate and need a special milestone birthday invitations to bring the message to your friends and family so they will be around to celebrate the occasion with you.

Specially created for you, custom birthday invitations show the relevance of the occasion. Just as you would also prefer a customized wedding invitation, you have the option to personally design the invitation or have it customized by some reputable printing shops. Here are some ideas you can adopt in designing your milestone birthday invitation card:

Your 18th Birthday- A great kick off to start the celebration is by sending personalized invitations which will fit your theme. This is the best way to mark your entrance into the adult world with family and friends. Choose 18 roses, 18 pastel candles or pink balloons as part of your design.

30th Birthday - Consider every conceivable theme and pattern to make it more personal and creative. The tone can be casual to formal using eye-catching designs and shapes to make the occasion stand out. It could be colorful and vibrant similar to an ethnic wedding invitation.

40th Birthday- Greet your 40th year with a Smile! Make these invitations memorable, specially designed to highlight unforgettable moments. Custom birthday Invitation might be chic, funny, serious or whimsical.

50th Birthday - With age comes wisdom-and fun! Whether your goal is to toast or roast, your guests will be glad that you are having another milestone; meeting your age with dignity and a sense of humor. Or just as romantic in tone as your wedding invitation from decades ago.

60th Birthday - Send personalized invitations to family and friends to celebrate your 60th year; the best reason to have a party. Designs that are colorful, bold and festive, or perhaps a black and white motif will make invitation cards appealing.

70th Birthday -70 is a great accomplishment! It is a fact that any birthday ending in zero is great, especially the 70th birthday. A grand milestone birthday celebration is coming.

100th Birthday - It is almost incredible to reach a century. Make the invitation fantastic! Place a photo of the celebrant in a favorite picture framed and in the circle place the number 100. You can print all the details of the events below and even in the back.
Depending upon the time and your type of personality, the tone of the custom birthday invitation can be appreciative, complimentary, funny, heartfelt, inspirational, lighthearted, religious, romantic, simply stated and suggestive.

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