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Pirate Birthday Invitations - Johnny Depp Ahoy! Who there hasn't seen The Pirates of the Caribbean? I bet you have and more importantly, you kids have too. The movie franchise has left such a huge impression on children's mind that you find them playing pirates most of the times. You can see that a pirate themed birthday party for your child is in order. Here we will explore some ways to make pirate birthday invitations.

The best part about making birthday invitations themed on pirates is the most fun thing that you can ever do. This is one project that you would really like to do at home itself rather than buy stuff for invitation from stores. That is because the theme of pirate is so intriguing and engaging that you yourself want to be the pirate of the party.

Anyway, the first thing that you want to get right in the invitations is the wordings. After all, the pirate language is the most fun part of the whole theme. Use pirate words such as 'Ye', or 'me mateys!' you can get more phrases from the movies themselves. Once you have gotten the lingo, you will be able to make creative sentences of your own.

Phrases such as 'Please attend the party' become "join the pirate crew'. Another example, 'dear friends' become 'salty dogs'. Instead of 'a lot of fun awaits, say 'plunder and pillage are underway'. I leave the job of creating the pirate sentences themselves for the pirate birthday invitations to you since you will find plenty of them elsewhere on the web.

Once you have invited the guests (piratey language of course), write down the address in the same piratey language that you used. Say 'the ships will set sail on....' And add the date and the address. These are just some of the ideas. You can add many more of your own for designing the party invitations. Writing the invitations out completely in pirate language gives the perfect feel for the party.

That was about the wordings. Another important factor in giving the perfect pirate feel to the party is to have some fonts that look from the age of the pirates. Try getting some old Gothic Fonts. If you are MS Office, it has loads of gothic fonts such as Bernard MT, or MS Gothic. You can choose something which you feel.

If you can't find the perfect font for pirate birthday invitations, you might get some on the internet. Just download and install a few of them and then see which one looks better for your child's birthday party. I, for one, know that fonts make a huge difference in making children get excited about attending the pirate party.

Next in line for the pirate birthday invitations are images. They are of course the first thing that they invitees will see when they open the invitations. The broken ship image is a classic one. Even though that image is quite common, it is still the most popular and perfect on for the birthday invitations.

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